The paws behind Rocco Concept

The Rocco Concept all started with Rocky.

Here's his story.

"My name is Rocky and I'm a Labrador who was abandoned at a shelter in Quebec City at a young age. I wasn't suited for my previous family and they decided to give me up for adoption. I've been waiting 3 months in the shelter in the search for my new family. People came to meet me and even brought me to their place for 2-week trials but it was never the right fit. I lived abandonment after abandonment. I am a dog with high energy and needed a family who was able to give me the time and love I needed. No one was adopting me and I felt that it was soon going to be the end for me. But after those 3 months, a miracle happened and my destiny changed. A couple came to meet me at the shelter after scrolling through Facebook and seeing my picture. They brought me outside and were talking with the shelter worker about me. I was running everywhere to show them what I could do and they even brought me for a walk. I couldn't wait to get out of here and I was hoping that they would give me a chance. Next thing I know, the couple was asking the shelter worker to take me in for a trial period. The shelter worker said that they had to leave with me today or else unfortunately, they will need to put me down tomorrow. I couldn't understand what was happening but I saw the couple taking action right away and mention that I was absolutely going back with them today. I was for sure anxious hoping that this last try would work out and that I found my furever home. But I was still very happy to get out of the shelter and see what this new adventure had in store for me. I then went in the car and I was looking out the window, I was so excited to see the outside world again. It didn't take long for mom and dad to fall in love with me and it was the same thing for me. Only a couple of days after, my pawrents made things official with the shelter and adopted me. And that was the beginning of a great love story!"

Sadly Rocky's story is not unique and is a common one amongst many shelters around us. This is why the Rocco Concept is all about helping local shelters. These organizations devote their life into helping animals in need and we want to do our part in helping them out.

We are doing this for all the other Rocky's out there.

1 in 4

pets is abandoned every day in Quebec, which makes the highest rate in North America


animals are abandoned each year only in Quebec


of them will end up being killed because they cannot be relocated